Picture of Vladimir Mena of Fox Toyota & Leiferman Enterprise President Jacob Leiferman

Leiferman Enterprises has given us great service and has provided us with the best recommendations on signs and production for the past 17 years.

Vladimir Mena of Fox Toyota

Chompie's Restaurant Bakery store front signMy name is Mark Borenstein and I’m one of the owners of Chompies Restaurant and Bakery here in Phoenix, Arizona.  My family and I have been in business for close to 40 years.

I’ve personally known Jacob Leiferman  and his sign company for the last 4 years. We use his company exclusively for all our Signage needs. From new signage to LED retrofit, installation and service.

I’ve come to find that Jacob’s services always exceed my expectations.  His pricing is competitive but it’s his integrity and loyalty that really sets him apart from his competition.

Jacob is always helping me figure out what the best options are for all our Signage needs.  I would highly recommend his company to any business looking for a great Sign Company!

~  Mark Borenstein, Managing Partner/Vice President, Chompies Restaurant and Bakery

Picture of MIGUEL VALENZUELA, El Paso District Manager , WB Liquors & Wine & Leiferman Enterprise President Jacob Leiferman

We have been working with Leiferman Enterprises for more than 13 years and the service is outstanding with a fast response at a fair price He has done for us the interior and exterior signage packets

~  Miguel Valenzuela, Southwest District Manager WB Liquors & Wine

We have been working with Leiferman Enterprises for over 17 years, and I just don’t have better words to say than excellent service!  Jacob always helps by recommending the best options for our signs and materials to be used for the proper sign, interior and exterior.  He has done our trailer graphics, billboards and interior displays for our showroom and trade shows.

I don’t even think to call anybody else. He gives me peace of mind at a fair price.

~  Al Knoch, CEO Al Knoch Corvette Interiors

Jacob is a man of trust; no need to shop around his prices are competitive and service excellent. Definitely one of our best vendors.   ~  Sletten Contractors Inc. 

Jacob is a perfectionist and every product is always the best quality.  ~  Clear Channel Communications

In reference to Jacob’s company, Leiferman Enterprises, I am glad to have met him and have done business with him since 2001. Very pleased with his performance and dedication to pleasing his customers. Prices, I believe, equal or under the market standards.  I call him anytime.  ~  Fred Marcus, Avanti Construction